With our recent expansion into Pest Control, we are proud to offer a minimalist approach to address our client’s pest control needs.  We follow the pesticide’s labels in accordance with the law. We use no more than what is necessary to resolve the issue.

We are trained in the latest application methods, proper equipment use and maintenance, and will answer any questions you may have about materials being used to treat in and around your home.

We can actively control some of the most common unwanted pests such as the following: Ants, Beetles, Carpenter Bees, Centipedes, Crickets, Flies, Hornets, Lady Bugs, Moths, Roaches, Scorpions, Silverfish, Slugs, Snails, Stinkbugs, Spiders

We take the common-sense approach of controlling pests, and the diseases they spread to a new family friendly level, while still protecting the people, pets and plants from any ill effects from a pesticide spraying process inside your home.

Are you against the use of Pesticides inside the home? No Problem!

We can restrict the use industry standard pesticides to the outside of the home and strategically use it as a barrier (still in a responsible manner) so it is safe for your family & pets. We can also devise an alternative plan of using “organic eco-friendly” pesticide inside, if that is your preference.  We can customize a Pest Control Solution to suit your goals and desires.

Outside Your Home

The outside of your home provides thousands of routes for pest to travel, trail, and gain access into your living areas. With today’s advanced microencapsulation chemistry technology, a pest control material can be applied around the exterior of the home. When combined with simple mechanical exclusion processes like caulking and sealing insect access points, this pest control service can further minimize the insects’ ability to gain entry into the living areas of your home.

Inside Your Home

We naturally do everything in our power to keep the inside of your home insect and chemical free. We don’t want insects or chemicals sharing your living area with you. There may come a rare time where our Licensed Pest Control Technicians may need to address an insect issue on the inside of the home, but in most of these cases, they can be solved with mere grams of insect baiting material, still leaving your home bug and chemical spray free!

Our Standard Quarterly Pest Control Service

If you sign up for our quarterly pest control services, we perform a thorough inspection of your home to establish what pests are problematic and devise a strategy to remove them from within the home and then approach the pesticide application on the premise that we want to prevent them from coming into the building after the initial treatment.  The microencapsulated control materials applied around the foundation of your home degrades in approximately 90 days. In addition, it seems 90 days also provides those pesky insects the opportunity they need to reproduce their nesting capability around your property grounds again.

We can actively control the following unwelcomed pests:

Winter Rodent Inspection

Your winter service, one of the most critical pest control services we complete, additionally provides us the opportunity to inspect your home for a possible rodent activity. We do this critical annual pest inspection free of charge during your winter service period.

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