You came to our BAT REMOVAL PAGE because the bottom line is that either you have bats or you suspect you have bats.  We can help!  I want to be direct in providing you with the REAL answers that you are looking for as soon as possible.

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  3. PRICE.

Surprisingly, most people do not care that bats are protected and there could be serious fines if bats are harmed.  Regardless, after those 3 hot points are address then there are 3 considerations when choosing a Professional & Licensed Bat Removal Expert to perform the services. I want to address each line item with how our company deals with all of these concerns. Please not that “Price” made both lists!

  1. PRICE: We have some of the lowest prices in our town, however, we are not racing to the bottom.  No one wins in that situation.  We charge what we feel is fair for the effort and risks put forth.  It just ends up, based upon our pricing structure, that we are typically on the low side even though our work goes above & beyond the average especially when you look at our effort to make the iron-clad work look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. WARRANTY: We offer a 10-Year Warranty on all of our bat work.  Our Warranty is FREE.  There is ZERO annual fees involved with our work.  Some companies charge $99 – $400 per year for the warranty.
  3. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO STARTNormally we can work bat jobs into our morning schedules and it shouldn’t take more than a couple days to a week to get our team out to your property.

Now that I addressed those issues I would like to explain everything that you need to know in the bat removal process.


If you have bats in your attic, bats in your gable vents or bats in your soffits you are not alone.  We can quickly get them out & keep them out!  Bats are super territorial so just know if we keep them from coming into your house they should still stay in the area so you will not lose the benefit of them being around eating thousands of insects a day.

We get Bats OUT & KEEP them OUT!  Our bat removal and exclusion methods are custom-tailored to suit each individual structure and situation. We utilize humane bat-removal techniques to ensure that NO bats are ever harmed in the process.
If the building has not been properly sealed, the bats will enter another opening in the same building. Bats only need an opening that is ¼ inch by 1½ inch, the thickness of a standard #2 pencil. Once we safely get the bats out, the exclusion work MUST be done to prevent the bats from returning to the roost site.  After the exclusion work the bat guano clean-up is the next step.


Our Licensed Bat Removal Experts will inspect inside the attic and outside the home to establish how large the problem in, what is required to get the bats out, how much time will be required of us, materials & guano clean-up. From the inspection we will be able to provide you with a price to get the bats out (exclusion work) and the Guano Clean-up.


Since no two homes are alike, no two exclusion proposals are the same price. However, Bat Exclusion is far less expensive than squirrel or rat exclusion work since we have to exclude fewer places normally. Bat Exclusion is the act of using bat proof materials, devices and “METHODS” to keep the bats OUT. Some of the most common entry areas for bats are shown in the image and listed below:

◊ Gable Vents ◊ Soffit Junctions ◊ Siding/Trim Gap ◊ Window Jambs ◊ Shutters

We only use the highest quality animal-proof materials and devices, therefore, we are proudly able to guarantee that no critter will get past the areas where we have performed the exclusion services.

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Just in case you were wondering why bats are beneficial —- Some species of bats, such as the Little Brown Bat, can eat 500 – 1000 mosquitoes in one (1) hour. So if we consider the night 8 hours, that can add up to 4000 – 8000 in a night.

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